About Cognition and Beyond!

When I started off blogging, I did not have a distinct blog dedicated to my profession, Instructional Design [ID]. However, I soon realized that a blog on Instructional Design is going to be of paramount importance. Reasons were more than one, though. It’s not that the Web is deficient in terms of content on ID; however, most of them would provide crude data that must be analyzed and comprehended between the lines to churn out the required information. There is a dearth of organized content when it comes to sharing of experiences with respect to ID, since every experience would be starkly unique to the other.

Equally important is the verity that every ID professional would view these experiences uniquely. We all have seen the famous Tom & Jerry cartoons over the years [some of us relish watching them even now, years after having achieved the “grownup” status!]. So, how many of us would see the role that ID has played in the design and development of these cartoons??!! If this appears interesting enough, this is exactly what I intend to do with this blog here!


Professional Dossier

As an ID professional, I have been into learning and content solutions since the past 10 years now. My experience into content and learning traverses a salient range of experience into Instructor Lead Training [ILT], eLearning, Web-based training [WBT], blended learning solutions, even publishing… Amazing, huh!! Few would have ever thought ID has to do anything with publishing, isn’t it??!! What more, I even have a rich experience of delivering standup training sessions on ID and related domains…

An ambient family background, a propitious convent offing, and a scholastic student life at Aligarh Muslim University have dispensed the distinction in my personality.